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Maki Shimada


Academic Background

  • University of Florida卒業​ (Political Science, GPA 3.91/4.00)

  • Columbia University, New York University (MA) 他 合格

  • University of Michigan, Boston University (PhD) 他 合格

  • Baguio International School, the Philippines (2006-'08)

  • 大阪府教育委員会実施スピーチコンテスト優秀賞受賞、ディベート大会優勝


  • Junior Fellows Program (research assistance)

  - data collection & conference, the relationship between oil wealth and democratic stability, supervised

       by Dr. Benjamin B. Smith

  • Two co-worked papers

  • Islam and Political Repression: Saudi Arabia in the Context of MENA

  • The Philippines as a Role Model: Combatting Human Trafficking in Less Developed Countries 

Koji Shimada

Academic Background

  • 慶応義塾大学医学部 他 合格

  • University of Florida卒業 (Pre-Professional Biology, GPA 3.95/4.00)

  • University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame (PhD) 他 合格


  • Immune System to Drosophila melanogaster sigmavirus, supervised by Dr. Wayne L.Marta

  • Stemness of Acute-Myeloid Leukemia Cells​

  • Histone deacetylase inhibitor targets leukemia stem cell marker positive cells to overcome chemoresistance in acute myeloid leukemia, supervised By Dr. Qiu Yi

理系科目を担当 (Math, Physics, Chemistry, and ​Biology)

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